About Us

Shandong Lechuang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

Professional manufacturer of thermoplastic pipe connection equipment


About Us

Lechuang welding equipment company is one of the first professional manufacturers in China that study, develop and produce equipment for thermoplastic pipes connection. After more than ten years of development, the products developed by our company by now include a full range of butt-fusion welding machines, butt-fusion welding machines for pipe fittings, saddle-shaped welding machines and plastic pipe cutting tool for 1600mm pipes and below, and various auxiliary tools specially used in construction that are of a variety of series and types.


The welding machine widely used in PE and PP mine extraction pipelines, pipeline companies, gas companies, water companies, construction units, chemical transportation and cable laying. Suitable for butt welding of PE, HDPE, PPR, PVDF thermoplastic pipes.

We are butt welding machine manufacturers, so out company can meet the requirements of different  users  to design, manufacture, automatic, manual, hydraulic and its standard, non-standard welding machines, and promises free one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance services.